Our values

Fair production
Every piece of clothing from Tweedheart is made by hand with fair work. We work exclusively with production facilities that we know personally and select them on site. As the founding team, we visit the factories regularly. We pay particular attention to the right working conditions and select all our suppliers based on ethical measures. All our products are designed with love in Austria. High standards and good working conditions are a must for us.
Sustainable packaging
There is a lot of love in every Tweedheart package. As the packaging is the first real point of contact with our customers, we have also put a lot of time into our packaging and packaging design. It is also important to us that our packaging is sustainable. All our packaging materials are carefully selected by us according to the principle of sustainability. We pack our products in sustainable cardboard boxes, tissue paper and adhesive tape. We deliberately decided against the most commonly used plastic-based adhesive tapes and looked for a supplier who offers a water-activating paper adhesive tape. All our cardboard boxes are made in Europe and are made from recyclable materials. To ensure that the goods reach our customers undamaged, they are wrapped in tissue paper. Our tissue paper is also made from recyclable materials and printed with soy-based ink. We also offer our customers different sized shipping boxes to keep packaging volume and weight to a minimum. It is very important to us to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible.