About Tweedheart

Tweedheart offers everyday luxury for a feminine look. The collections are worn by fashion-conscious women who want to get through the day in style.

Our mission

Timeless - tweed is always trendy
We want to make a statement against fast fashion! - one of the many reasons why we focus on tweed in our fashion. Tweed is a timeless and indispensable fashion classic for many seasons. As Vivienne Westwood said, "Buy less, choose smarter". We aim to make our products your favorite items for as long as possible. That's why we invest a lot of time in selecting the right fabrics, the fit and the processing of the fabrics.

Trendy and timeless - no contradiction
In order for tweed to appear contemporary and less stuffy, it has to be reinterpreted and combined in exciting ways. We have set ourselves the goal of giving tweed an exciting touch. We offer stylish and elegant collections that make women's hearts beat faster. Colorful color combinations, great extras and flattering cuts for fashion-loving women. We create collections that are suitable for everyday use and at the same time luxurious, which belong in the wardrobe of a self-confident woman.

Designed for every situation
Whether in the office, in the bar, or as a casual look, our pieces are designed to be suitable for every situation. The possible combinations are almost unlimited.

Fair prices & limited quantities
Our parts are strictly limited. Popular fashion brands either sell tweed products at a very high price or sell them in bulk, thereby depriving the products of exclusivity. At Tweedheart, we believe we need to set ourselves apart. We offer accessible prices and our collections are only available in limited numbers to offer exclusivity to our customers. We work to the best of our knowledge and belief to make our garments something very special for our customers.

Our fabric
Tweedheart's clothing and products are made from tweed fabrics, hence the name 'Tweedheart'. The collections are characterized by the selection of special fabrics and the implementation of well thought-out details. We invest a lot of time in selecting the right fabrics and attach great importance to quality, fit, processing of the fabrics, but also to fair production.
Tweed has its origins in England, where it was mainly used for outdoor clothing. Thanks to Coco Chanel, tweed became a classic for the elegant woman in 1925. Tweed is still often associated as a winter fabric. Tweed is also the ideal candidate for a fresh summer look. As a light variant with light colors, it can also be used universally in summer.