About us

Founder Tweedheart
Hello, we are Madelaine and Alex.
We have always had the dream of starting our own company. With Tweedheart we have made this dream come true.
Madelaine's fashion affinity, Alex's interest in online trading, combined with our strong desire to start our own business, inspired us to launch the fashion label Tweedheart - a brand with a special chic and exclusive look.

Looks that underline your own personality.
We create favorite pieces from tweed that can be used universally. The possible combinations are almost unlimited. Whether elegant with pumps or casual with sneakers. Every customer should feel comfortable.
What fascinates us about tweed fabric is that it is a timeless and indispensable fashion classic for many seasons. Our designs are absolutely up-to-date, but can always be combined in new ways.
With great attention to detail
We put a lot of love into the details of our collections. Starting with the cut, through the choice of fabric to the color-coordinated inner lining. It is very important to us that our parts can be easily combined. For example, every woman has a white top, blouse, black trousers or jeans at home. Our parts give every outfit that certain pep.
Every detail, from design to shipping, is styled by both of us. The collections are designed in-house, which means that each collection has a unique look. Tweedheart delivers exclusive products and we make luxury and quality affordable for every fashion-conscious woman.
We have created exciting pieces for you that will make you look stunning.
Have fun shopping!